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Alejandro Vidal

Alejandro Vidal (Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1972) lives and works in Barcelona. He has exhibited his work at numerous international museums and centers. Early of Vidal’s works brought together references to activism, early rave period, ‘80s cult movies, manuals of self-defense, and punk nihilism to analyze states of repressed aggression.

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Alejandro Vidal

"Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven" (upcoming), curated by James Voorhies, Bureau for Open Culture - Columbus College of Art&Design, Columbus, Ohio USA
"All that fits: the aesthetics of journalism" (upcoming), curated by Alfredo Cramerotti e Simon Sheikh, QUAD, Derby, UK
"Esa cosa verde de ahi fuera" (upcoming), curated by José Castanal, Travesia Cuartro, Madrid, SP
"Motion of a nation", curated by Antonio Arevalo, vm21 arte contemporanea, Rome, IT

"Lust and Vice: the Seven Deadly Sins from Durer to Nauman" / Zentrum Paul Klee / Kuntmuseum Bern, Switerland / curated by Fabienne Egglhofer, Claudine Metzger, Samuel Vitali
"Gluck Happens" / Kunstpalais Erlangen / Erlangen, German, Curated by Claudia Emmert
"Repeat All" / Centro Cultural Chacao / Caracas, Venezuela
“When It Rains, All Shines Black” / Participant Inc / New York, USA, Curated by Lia Gangitano
"El Accidente Integra", Galeria Joan Prats, Spain
“Art Basel” / Stand Galeria Joan Prats / Basel, Switzerland.
“Arco 2009” / Stand Galeria Joan Prats / Madrid, Spain.
“Emotional community” / Monitor / Rome, Italy, Curated by Teresa Macri.
“Hell is a Place Where Memory is Death” / Galleria Artra / Milano, Italy.
“6 Room On View” / .HBC / Berlin, Germany, Curated by José Castañal.
“CIGE 2009” / Casa Asia / Beijing, China.
“Repeat All” / MIS Museo da imagem e do som / Sao Paulo, Brasil, Curated by Sigismond de Vajay.

“Single Channel” / Galerie Thomas Schulte / Berlin, Curated by Christopher Eamon.
“Crossroads / Rock my Religion” / DA2 Artium/ Salamanca, Spain, Curated by Javier Panera.
“Crossroads / Rock my Religión” (solo exhibition) / DA2 Artium-Casa de las Conchas / Salamanca, Spain, Curated by Javier Panera.
“Art Basel” / Stand Galeria Joan Prats / Basel, Switzerland.
“Arco 2008” / Stand Galeria Joan Prats / Madrid, Spain.
“Vision:a” / Palau de la Virreina, Centre de L’Imatge / Barcelona, Spain, Curated by Javier Duero.
“ARCO 2008” / Stand Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona / Madrid, Spain.
“Time Code” / MAMBO Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna / Italy, Curated by Fabiola Naldi and Alexandra Pioselli
“One Second Burns for a Billion Years” / Solo exhibition / Galeria Joan Prats / Barcelona, Spain.
"Alejandro Vidal & Saâdane Afif" / Galería Elba Benitez / Madrid, Spain, Curated by José Castañal.
“9º Bienal Martinez Guerricabeitia” / Universitat de Valencia / Valencia, Spain.

“Art Basel” / Stand Galería Joan Prats / Basel, Switzerland.
"Art Report” / Fundación sa Nostra / Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
“War, peace and Ecstasy” / Artissima 14th / Torino, Italy, Curated by Cecilia Alemani.
“ARCO 2007” / Stand Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona / Madrid, Spain.
“Agression” / Kunsthalle Winterthur / Winterthur, Switzerland, Curated by Oliver Kielmayer.
“Rock my Illusion” / Sala Puerta Nueva / Córdoba, Spain,  Curated by Jesús Alcaide.
“Vision:A” / Different venues / Beijing, Milano, Lyon, Casablanca, curated by Javier Duero.
“Video Aoom Spain” / Bizart Art Center / Shanghai, China.
“Shot and Go. A vision of Today's International Photography” / Isola di San Servolo / Venezia, Italy, Curated by Raffaele Gavarro.
“VideoZoom Spagna ...Estados Sin Resolver” / Sala Uno. Centro internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea / Rome, Italy, Curated by David Barro.
“Repeat All, 12 Video Installations by International Contemporary Artists” / Matucana 100 / Santiago de Chile, Chile, Curated by Sigismond de Vajay.
Alejandro Vidal / Solo exhibition / Kling&Bang Gallerí / Reykiavik, Iceland.
“System Error: War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning” / Palazzo delle Papesse / Siena, Italia. Curated by Lorenzo Fusi and Naeem Mohaiemen. “100 Tage 100 Videos” / GL Strand / Kopenhagen, Dänemark.

“Naked Life” / Museum of Contemporary Art / Taipei, Taiwan, Curated by Manray Hsu and Maren Richter.
“Video Heroes” / Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo / Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Curated by Javier Duero.
“100 Tage 100 Videos” / Heidelberger Kunstverein / Heidelberg, Deutschland.
“Repeat All” / Ateliers Mecaniques de la Ville de Vevey, Switzerland, Curated by Sigismond de Vajay.
with Carlos Amorales, John Bock, Jordi Colomer, Sanna Kannisto, Hassan Khan, Muntean/Rosemblun, El Perro, Pink Twins, Solmaz Shahbazi, Santiago Sierra, Sean Snyder.
“Alejandro Vidal” / Solo exhibition / Fundacion La Caixa- Caixaforum / Barcelona, Spain, Curated by Silvia Sauquet .
“Busan Biennale” / Busan, Korea, Curated by Manu Park.
”Arts al Palau” / Palacio Ducal de los Borgia / Gandia, Spain.
“Video Visionen” / Edith Russ Site for Media Art / Oldenburg, Germany.
“Loop Barcelona: Video Art Fair” / Stand Galería Joan Prats / Barcelona, Spain.
“Observatori 2006” / Museo de las artes y las ciencias / Valencia, Spain, Curated by Javier Duero.
“2nd Biennale of Young Artists” / Bucharest [ Curated by Branko Franceschi.
“No Catastrophe” / Broadway Cinema / Nottingham, UK.
“Crime & Punishment” / Tallinn Kunstihoone, Estonia, Curated by Anders Härm.
“Youth of Today” / Schirn Kunsthalle / Frankfurt, Germany, Curated by Max Hollein and Matthias Ulrich.
“Art Rotterdam” / Stand Galleria Artra / Milano, Italia.
”MACO” / Solo Exhibition / Stand Play Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures / Mexico City, Mexico.
“2nd Biennale of Young Artists” / Bucharest, Romania, Curated by Branko Francechi.
“Videopulsiones, Tecnologias do Sentimento” / Galeria de esposiçoes de ESAD / Caldas da Rainha, Lisboa, Curated by Joaquin Barriendos / with Eva Koch, Alexander Pilis, Skoltz-Kolgen, Francisca Benítez, Iván Navarro, Alejandro Vidal, Ricardo Caballero and Carlos Amorales.

“Video/ökonomie, ZKM” / Center for Art and Media / Museum Karlsruhe / Germany.
“Deciphering Scars” / Gallery Adler / Frankfurt, Germany.
“ArtFrankfurt” / Stand Gallery Adler / Frankfurt, Germany.
“The pattern of Subversion” / BuroEmpty / Amsterdam, Netherlands.
“A thousand lonely Suicides” / Play Gallery / Berlin, Germany, Curated by Marco Scotini.
“Disrupted Noise Terror” / Insurgent Space / Tirana, Albania, Curated by Stefano Romano.
“Aesthetics of Violence” / MOT, London, Curated by Chris Hammond.
“Parafraseando al Diablo” / Harto_Espacio / Montevideo, Uruguay.
“Photo London” / Stand Galerie Adler / Frankfurt, Germany.
“Kamikaze” / Artra Galleria / Genova, Italy.
“Nocturnal Transmission” / Curator’s Office / Washington, USA, Curated by Andrea Pollan and Noah Angell.
“Dfoto 2005 / Stand ADN Galeria / Donostia, San Sebastian.
“Constructing Victims” / p | m Gallery / Toronto, Canada.
"FIAC” / Stand Galerie Adler / Paris, France.
“DIVA” / Stand Play Gallery / Paris, France.
“Artissima” / Solo exhibition / Stand Play Gallery / Torino, Italy.
“Insurgent Space” / Black Room / Tirana National Gallery / Albania.
“Loop Barcelona” / Play Gallery / Berlin, Germany.
“Ciclo de Video Play Young” (Encuentro Pepe Espaliu) / Filmoteca de Andalucia / Andalucia, Spain.

“Protecting Idols” / ADN Galería / Barcelona, Spain.
“A pas de Loup” / Museum of Contemporary Art / Belgrade, Curated by Branko Dimitrijevic.
“Un tiro a todos los Diablos” / Artra, Milano, Italy. Curated by Marco Scotini.
“KunstRai04” / Stand BuroEmpty / Amsterdam, Netherlands.
“Personne n’est Innocent” / Le Confort Moderne / Poitiers, France, Curated by Damien Airault and Sigismond de Vajay / with Jon Mikel Euba, Leopold Kessler, Fabrice Gygi, Sigismond de Vajay, Valérie Prot, Alain Declerq and Young Hae Chang.
“Working Class Today...Tomorrow Nuevos Ricos” / Kültur Büro Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain /with Carlos Amorales, Silverio and Jordi Mitjà.
“ADN1” / ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Spain / with Bruno Peinado, Santiago Cirugeda, Virginia Barré, El Perro.
“RAM6 CAC” / Center For Contemporary Art / Vilnius, Lithuania, Organized by Vilma/Jutempus.

“In the Company of Enemies” / Galería T4 / Barcelona, Spain.
“We are not afraid” / VTO Gallery / London, UK / with Jon Mikel Euba, Manuel Saiz, Valérie Prot.
“Promising Young Boys” / Konstakuten / Stockholm, Sweden.
“Exercises in Self-Protection” / Espacio Tres, Mexico DF, Mexico, Curated by Francisca Rivero Lake.
“Listen 03” / Stand VTO Gallery / Basel, Switzerland.
“En sus Trece” / ADN Galeria / Barcelona, Spain.
“Scan Around” / Kordergarda Gallery / Warsaw Electronic Festival / Poland.
“Controlled Revolution 4” / Vecchio Hospedale Soave / Codogno, Italy / with José Davila, Marc Bijl, Anibal Lopez, Gustavo Artigas, Liuba and Daniele Bacci, among others.
“Exploraciones” / La Capella / Barcelona, Spain, Curated by Manuel Olveira / with Jordi Mitja, Raimond
Chaves,Jaime Pitarch, Aziz Taleb, Carles Guerra and Sophie Whetnall, among others.
“RAM 3 Workshop” / E-Media Center / Tallinn, Estonia.
“Contested Space” / Stazione Leopolda / Firenze, Italy, Curated by Marco Scotini / with Santiago Sierra,
Superflex, Meschac Gaba, Carlos Garaicoa, Gianni Motti and Teresa Margolles, among others.

“Malas Formas Workshop” / Selected for Txomin Badiola / MACBA / Barcelona, Spain.
“Miquel Casablancas Prize” / Shortlisted / Barcelona, Spain [ catalogue ].

“Screen Addictions” / 2nd Barcelona Video Art Festival. Dot / Barcelona, Spain.
”Art Frankfurt” / Stand Galería / Claramunt, Germany.
“Art Report 2001” / Parc de Montjuic, Ex-Parque de Atracciones / Barcelona, Spain [ Curated by Elena Vallet ] / with Eric Weiss, Luis Bisbe, Mabel Palacín, Begoña Montalban, Alberto Peral, among others.

Alejandro Vidal / Gallery Westland Place / London, UK.

Espai Obert III / Galería Ferran Cano / Barcelona, Spain.
Gallery Artists / Galeria Andreas Grimm / Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Soma / Centro Nómada de Arte Contemporáneo / Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
New Art / Personal development Project / Chelsea Collage of Art / London, UK.

Alejandro Vidal / Galería Andreas Grimm / Palma de Mallorca, Spain [ catalogue ].
“Mirò Foundation” / Litographs / Group-Show of Foundation Prize-winners / Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
“Son Carrió Prize” / Shortlisted / Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
“Ciutat de Manacor Prize” / Shortlisted / Torre dels Enagistes, Spain.
“2nd Prize Rei Jaume I” / Calvià, Spain.
“Marratxi Prize” / Shortlisted / Sèscorxador Art Center / Spain.
“Mirò Foundation” / Scholarship to study etching under Joan Barbarà and Litography under Vicente Aznar / Spain.
“Life Drawing Workshop” / Central Saint Martins School of art & Design / London, UK.
“Andratx International Prize” / Shortlisted / Spain.

“Artist with Calatrava Area” / Alternative Art Space / Palma de Mallorca, Spain
+ Since 1992 curated several projects like “Juan Segura chez Minims” / “Magnet” and write texts and essays about Contemporary Art for different magazines and institutions like Tempo Reale in Italy or Daimler Chrysler Aerospace in Japan.


Exercises in Self Protection
Exercises in Self Protection
In the Company of the Enemies
Hell is a place where memory is dead - exhibition view  2009
Tactical Disorder, 2006, single channel DVD
The Thin Line Between the Devil Steeth, 2007, c-print, 50x50cm
It All Changed, 2007, c-print
Gravity, 2007, c-print, 50x50cm