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Armando Lulaj

For Armando Lulaj (Tirana 1980) the solidarity between the middle classes and disadvantaged classes is an hypocrisy, and likewise, so is the assertion of harmonious pluralistic communities and democratic egalitarian rhetoric, which, on the contrary, are the cultural background of our neo-liberal societies.
The artist’s only honest gesture is to implement the principle of the expropriation of capital and, by practicing a kind of teaching by terror, draw even more attention to the fences of ideology and the impact of oppression. The antagonism in Lulaj’s work is always formed within the processes of performance that exist in the contingency of actions, independent of the fact that they are recorded by the video camera or created live before the viewer.
Time becomes necessary for staging the conflict, which is always presented as the disarticulation of an existing order, a reaction between two different camps and, finally, a process of change. Reality needs to be able to unfold as a test: like the emergence of circumstances that are capable of precipitating a series of unique situations in an event. And it is also necessary that in turn the event can be transformed into perception and critical knowledge. Typical of Lulaj’s artistic strategy is to make a comparison between models and perceived facts, ideas and history. (Marco Scotini)

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Armando Lulaj

Mostre personali
Nessuna pietà, ARTRA, Milan
Silent Sozial Corruption, Lothringer13, München
Time Out of Joint, Te Tuhi Center for the Arts, Neuseeland
Mainstream Dissent, ARTRA, Milano
Temporary Autonomus Zones, Insurgent Space, Tiranë

Mostre collettive (selezione)
Doppio legame / Double bind, Casa Masaccio centro per l'arte contemporanea, San Giovanni Valdarno
6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Berlin
Art on Transition, Centro Cultural de España, CCE, Guatemala
Qui è Altrove, Palzazzo de Sanctis, Castelbasso
8th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, Szczecin
Res Derelicta, Galleria Contemporaneo, Venezia
Jungle Video, Publik Space, Udine
Industrial Lies, Dispari & Dispari, Reggio Emilia
Le sponde del Mare, Terni
Italian Vision, Cinemateque, Bologna
ON, Public Projects, Bologna
October. Art from the East, Artra Gallery, Milano
52th Venice Biennale, Albanian Pavilion, Venezia
4th Gothenburg Biennale, Gothenburg
Prague Biennale 3, Praha
Laws of Relativity, Fondazione Sandreto Re Rebaudengo, Torino
AdA, Aera d’azione, Imola
Opening Hours, Rebecca Cahmi Gallery, Athina
Onufri 06: GKA, Tiranë
Bunker no Bunker, Ramis Barquet Gallery, Monterrey
AYOR. No Mans Land, Hellenic Foundation, Athina
Action Field Kodra, Boundary Lines, Thessaloniki
Mini Tirana Biennal, Apexart, New York
The People Choice, Cantieri Isola, Milano
Beautiful Nature, Bologna
Tirana Biennale 3: Episode 1 – Temptations, Tiranë
Tirana Biennale 3: Episode 3 – Democracies, Tiranë
Conflitti, Villa Serena, Bologna
Glokal, National Gallery, Kosova
Post-Albania, Kunst Raum Gallery, Hamburg
Luoghi Comuni, Bologna
Empowerment, Cantieri Italia, Genova
Space is the Place, TPO, Bologna
Contested Space, Stazione Leopolda, Firenze
Tirana Biennale 2: U-Topos, Debatikcenter of Contemporary Art, Tiranë
Prague Biennale 1, Praha
Il confine delle notti, Trento
Cosi lontani cosi vicini, Amerigo Vespucci Airport, Firenze
Onufri 02: Small Brother, National Gallery of Tirana, Tiranë
BalkanArt02, Novi Sad
Networking 1, Firenze
Rotte Metropolitane 3, Firenze
Till I collapse, Gallery of Academy, Firenze


REFLECTIONS ON BLACK. Installation.  Two DVD videos on monitor. Color.sound. 9’27”.  1 b/w photo 120x90cm, framed.  9 b/w photos. Each one 87x58.5cm, framed. 2006
REFLECTIONS ON BLACK. b/w photo. 120x90cm, framed. 2006
NOSTALGIA. Color print. 120x90cm framed. 2004
IT WEARS AS IT GROWS(2011) Film. RED transfered to HD. Duration:18min. color.sound.
PLAYCRACY. lightbox. 127x168cm. 2002.
WALKING FREE IN HARMONY. 100x70cm framed.  2001
PASSION DU RèEL. Installation. Table, blood painted books. 2007
TIME OUT OF JOINT. Double film projection.  DVD. 15’39”. Color, sound. 2006